Meaning of many-splendoured in English:


Pronunciation /mɛniˈsplɛndəd/


  • Full of magnificent features or marvels.

    ‘spring is a many-splendoured season’
    • ‘Amidst hangings of scarlet and yellow silk embroidered with cranes of longevity and pink clouds and flowers and many-splendoured butterflies, the monks lined up to chant.’
    • ‘It is indeed a valuable addition to the literature on an extraordinary and many-splendoured life and on the "inheritance it has left behind for every Indian".’
    • ‘In a world seemingly designed exclusively for young people, with a many-splendoured array of electronic and sophisticated entertainments just for them, maturity is often a dirty word.’
    • ‘The site is not by any means dead: I just didn't find the time to update it last weekend, so I'll make up for it now with a many-splendoured update.’
    • ‘If the question being debated is the underrepresentation of women in the sciences, then we need to remember that science, like love, is "a many-splendoured thing."’
    • ‘He sings about love in all its many-splendoured forms.’
    • ‘The majority of Hindus are very inclusive and truly global in relating to the many-splendored aspects of God.’
    • ‘The construction of historical memory by exiles can be a many-splendored thing: radiant with longing, lush in sentiment, painted in dichromatic strokes.’
    • ‘Love, in my reckoning, was a many-splendored thing that lasted forever, which was why I liked Engel's "How Near is Love".’
    • ‘Friendship is a many-splendored thing, but it doesn't necessarily produce a cult of personality.’
    • ‘Would one's meal be as enjoyable if the restaurant lacked a staff whose unflagging charm turns what could be a madhouse into a many-splendored thing?’
    multicoloured, many-coloured, multicolour, many-hued, variegated, particoloured, varicoloured, prismatic, psychedelic, rainbow, rainbow-like, polychromatic, harlequin, motley, many-splendoured