Meaning of many a — in English:

many a —


  • A large number of.

    ‘many a good man has been destroyed by booze’
    • ‘John and I have talked about it many a time’
    • ‘The sure-footed animal was easily kept and many a child owed its life to the milk of the humble goat.’
    • ‘Most of the SUVs sport luxurious interiors, which would put many a family car to shame.’
    • ‘Some had mist-filled eyes while many a countenance went white as a sheet of paper.’
    • ‘And they do it at great personal risk and with a view to saving many a precious life.’
    • ‘Clearly, Bristol is the place to be, these days, home to many a fine writer.’
    • ‘His kids will be crying as much as mine for many a Christmas to come.’
    • ‘He has a great voice, really excellent, and he's captured the attention of many a busy pub with his singing.’
    • ‘As for the need to repay one of Ireland's richest men, it can only be assumed that he has granted many a favour down the years.’
    • ‘Room On The 3rd Floor is going to be the soundtrack to many a teenager's school holiday.’
    • ‘As a proportion of the electorate, they have a mandate so feeble it would make many a local councillor blush.’