Meaning of Maori dog in English:

Maori dog


  • A wild dog of Polynesian origin, first introduced to New Zealand by the Maori.

    ‘the old Maori dog was employed in taking kiwi’
    • ‘The Maori dog became domesticated, and though occasionally eaten, seems always to have been a rare animal.’
    • ‘You'd see roaming packs of forty or fifty Maori dogs.’
    • ‘They killed some Maori dogs, and burned the hair in order that the scent should reach the guests who would thereby think the dogs were killed for food.’
    • ‘He had one of the ancient Maori dogs with him as a companion on the journey.’
    • ‘The attacks over the amount of days he is not in Parliament are nothing short of lazy Maori dog whistling.’
    • ‘The moa-hunters camps dog remains were not of the "maori dog", it was a different species having a narrower jaw.’
    • ‘He's as simple as a child and as cunning as a Maori dog.’
    • ‘The article looks at the dentition of the Maori dog of New Zealand.’
    • ‘The skin was preserved and has been recognised by many old Maoris as a genuine Kuri or ancient Maori dog.’
    • ‘In his opinion the Maori dog had become wholly extinct or very nearly so, at least 50 years ago.’