Meaning of Maori way in English:

Maori way


New Zealand the Maori way
  • Maori customs and traditional values.

    ‘accountability for the funds needs to happen according to the Maori way’
    • ‘That is not the kaupapa Maori way.’
    • ‘We have already had a huge number of signals throughout this debate about the Maori way.’
    • ‘The encroaching tide of globalization threatens to expunge the last vestiges of the Maori way.’
    • ‘Perhaps that wasn't his meaning of the "Maori way".’
    • ‘They apparently stopped reading after they read the words "the Maori way".’
    • ‘The critics' argument is that the style of the investigation is not in line with tikanga, loosely translated as the Maori way.’
    • ‘They don't seem to think it's the Maori way.’
    • ‘His throw-away line about it being "the Maori way" is a last resort statement he has used to blame all Maori, than to come back with an acceptable reason why he kept the money.’
    • ‘Still nothing official from anyone stating that this is not the Maori way.’
    • ‘Claiming it is "the Maori way" is simply a guilt trip to throw people off the scent of corruption.’