Meaning of map out in English:

map out

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phrasal verb

  • map something out, map out somethingPlan a route or course of action in detail.

    ‘she mapped out a plan of action in ten minutes’
    • ‘I had carefully mapped out the journey: two buses and two metros, with an 11-minute walk’
    • ‘Previously, the dirt and turf courses were mapped out in detail while receiving devices were installed that would track the transmitter.’
    • ‘Then a route was mapped out to take in as many different species and articles of interest as possible.’
    • ‘If we uncover the road, we will have to map it out and give the details to the county archaeologist.’
    • ‘Details for the resolution will be mapped out by high-ranking officials of the two countries, he added.’
    • ‘Having previously recorded on location, he knew what was required and had mapped things out in detail beforehand.’
    • ‘A series of policies will be mapped out soon to develop private medical institutions.’
    • ‘A number of concrete measures were mapped out, he said after a tete-a-tete with the director of the Russian border service.’
    • ‘The sequences of these three episodes were very interesting because three entirely different strategies were mapped out for each day.’
    • ‘Today, having mapped it out, I'm not following that pattern.’
    • ‘So they can actually map these things out and get a pretty good sense of exactly what they're going to do on this model before they actually do it in real life.’
    • ‘I could map it out more thoroughly, but eh, what do you expect for free?’
    • ‘I like to know in advance what the day will consist of, so I can map it out in my mind.’
    • ‘He explained: ‘It's not that we've just got the one way of playing, but if we do change we really do know what we're doing because it has been mapped out beforehand.’’
    • ‘At a recent California conference, organised by the ATM Forum, strategies were mapped out for the development of standards for delivering streaming media and the like more reliably over existing carrier infrastructures.’
    • ‘In my view there is a God out there and our lives are mapped out for us.’
    • ‘Even if, at the time, I was not exactly the happiest person in the world to see him, the day that he came after me was the day that the rest of my life was mapped out.’
    • ‘And I realized that, with my lifestyle, where I come from, my culture, in a sense my whole life was mapped out for me,’ she says, struggling to find the words to explain.’
    • ‘An analysis was made of the moral and psychological state of the servicemen and their family members, the existing social and housing problems were revealed and ways were mapped out of dealing with them.’
    • ‘The event was briefed, and every contingency was mapped out.’
    • ‘In 2002 when perpetual roadblocks became a thorn in the flesh of Lusaka bus drivers, a strategy was mapped out in Chawama to end the problem.’
    outline, set out, lay out, sketch out, trace out, rough out, block out, delineate, detail, draw up