Meaning of map reader in English:

map reader


  • A person who map-reads or who is skilled in map-reading.

    ‘even experienced map readers would struggle to navigate their way around’
    • ‘The stereotype that women are relatively poor map readers is borne out by a reasonable bulk of scientific literature.’
    • ‘Marketing manager, amateur sleuth and abysmal map reader Neville is the skipper for the day.’
    • ‘Leaders might not conduct a recce because they know the area well, or because they are a competent map reader and have led many walks before.’
    • ‘My husband is a great map reader and we get out an ordnance survey map to find an interesting path.’
    • ‘Elevation maps help map readers understand the hills and valleys of an area.’
    • ‘With Julia now an expert map-reader, we struck out for Carmel on the coast.’
    • ‘He confesses to not being a great map-reader or navigator in the outdoors.’
    • ‘My sister made clear her reluctance to be the chief map-reader in a foreign city and my friend Michele has trouble finding her way off a rugby field.’
    • ‘Yes, map makers have always made speculative assumptions about what a map reader might like to know.’
    • ‘The government's new maps are designed for expert map readers, including seasoned hikers, conservationists and government officials.’