Meaning of map reference in English:

map reference

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  • A set of numbers and letters specifying a location as represented on a map.

    ‘they are being urged to make a note of the map references of their homes’
    • ‘And Mr Smith says that the position is about three-quarters of a mile south from where the original map reference was given by the person who first asked what the ‘obelisk’ was.’
    • ‘They just need to put in the map reference or road code and do a search on the number of crimes.’
    • ‘Anyone encountering a grass or forest fire is urged not to investigate, to leave the area as quickly as possible and ring for the fire brigade giving a map reference if possible or the nearest landmark.’
    • ‘One story they both have no trouble remembering however is when the unit was given an incorrect map reference and ended up in an abandoned town in Belgium.’
    • ‘Your mention of the map and the map reference given disagree by about 300m.’
    • ‘Similarly, an oasis seen in a mirage is of a different ontological status from an oasis one can locate by means of a map reference.’
    • ‘Each walk is outlined technically, with distance, map reference, time, footwear, and supported by detailed description and images.’
    • ‘The route is via a number of check-points only identifiable by map references and these provide refreshments.’
    • ‘So here you have an exact documentary record of 396 villages identified by name, by date of elimination, by map references and so on, and full details including notes of the elimination of the village.’
    • ‘We left behind no map references or timetables, since we knew that our parents, if they noticed we had disappeared at all, would think the best unless a policeman came and told them the worst.’
    • ‘Clear, unambiguous information with a predilection for dates, heights and map references makes for a superbly useful reference work.’
    • ‘He also explained his map references and even asked to be passed on to other police forces so he could tell them of burglaries within their areas.’
    • ‘Improvements in mapping, air photography, and meteorological analysis now enabled gunners to target objectives from map references without losing surprise by firing sighting shots.’
    • ‘The SIB relied on inaccurate grid map references and not on the testimony of the men on the ground.’