Meaning of marauding in English:


Pronunciation /məˈrɔːdɪŋ/

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  • Going about in search of things to steal or people to attack.

    ‘marauding gangs of youths’
    • ‘The peaceful citizens of this State persecuted by the marauding mercenaries should not be forced to mount demonstration to get the state machinery moving.’
    • ‘They ceded the streets to marauding looters.’
    • ‘His paternal instincts would naturally take over and he would do whatever was necessary to protect his daughter from these marauding psychopaths.’
    • ‘Hollywood decided this part of the world was all about the lone sheriff facing gangs of gunmen and innocent settlers fending off marauding Indians.’
    • ‘The owner of the house where she and the baby were staying confirmed that marauding youths from the governing party had attacked the house.’
    • ‘Surely the job of an army is to slaughter marauding foreigners, not its own troops?’
    • ‘But soon it will fall prey to the marauding demonic forces of evil.’
    • ‘By tomorrow, it will be impossible to enjoy a cruise or even a day of fishing without being boarded by a marauding bunch of hook-handed ocean bandits.’
    • ‘Historians have traced the law of war to chivalric codes followed by knights and to efforts by the medieval Catholic Church to protect pilgrims and clergy from marauding warriors.’
    • ‘In its favour, there is some genuine tension in the car chase sequences, and the marauding gangs of children seem not only authentic but realistically threatening.’
    • ‘Usurpers within the caliphate and the marauding Berber armies they brought in from North Africa were to blame, but for a time Cordoba was the ornament of the world.’
    • ‘Once the guardians of the citadel granted permission to open the gates, is it any surprise that the marauding hordes came storming through?’
    • ‘Since then, they were more like marauding nomads.’
    • ‘Gangs of marauding teenagers descend on the town at weekends and often become involved in criminal activity while drunk.’
    • ‘Those on the streets are vulnerable to marauding soldiers and criminals.’
    • ‘Its commanding position allowed tribes of centuries gone by to spot marauding Vikings and other undesirables approaching their territory.’
    • ‘Consequently, the Magyars received their knowledge of Christianity partly from the Catholic population already existing in the country, and partly from the ecclesiastics whom they captured in their marauding expeditions.’
    • ‘Naturally, this ultimate injustice sends the marauding youth into all-out frenzy when they descend upon the community in a violent final confrontation.’
    • ‘However, it was never intended as a stronghold in the sense that Clitheroe Castle was, but simply a place of retreat from the marauding bands of Border raiders.’
    • ‘It is not precisely determined when leprosy first made its appearance in Norway, but it likely entered Norway from the British Isles during the time of marauding Vikings.’