Meaning of marching orders in English:

marching orders

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plural noun

  • 1Orders for troops to depart.

    ‘soldiers got their marching orders for 24 hours at the weekend’
    • ‘In February and March, thousands of the over 70,000 American soldiers stationed in Germany received their marching orders for the Gulf.’
    • ‘I remain close with them, and as the unit received its marching orders a few called me to express their frustration.’
    • ‘Uncertain of their next move, they received marching orders from a column of riflemen shouting ‘To the Tuileries!’’
    1. 1.1 informal A dismissal or sending-off.
      • ‘the ref called me over and gave me my marching orders’
      • ‘City's misery was all but sealed on 71 minutes when Edmondson received his marching orders for an unsavoury outburst directed at the referee's assistant.’
      • ‘Local controversial unicity mayor Peter Marais received his marching orders from the Democratic Alliance yesterday after a day of drama that saw him walk out of a meeting of party bosses.’
      • ‘Never one to evade a fight, the tough Scot began trading blows with Keegan, who had received his marching orders in a pre-season friendly against Kaiserslautern only four days earlier.’
      • ‘Almost immediately after a Juventus player received marching orders for a second cautionable offence and moments later the referee was head-butted by a player.’
      • ‘Granted, the Lazio man did eventually receive his marching orders, albeit far too late, but it cannot be forgotten that time and again this ugly side of football rears its head.’
      • ‘But the poor chap still received his marching orders.’
      • ‘A moment of madness and lack of control over comments aimed at the referee resulted in a Burley midfielder receiving his marching orders.’
      • ‘Thompson received his marching orders for apparently head-butting the Rangers striker.’
      • ‘Even the biggest names in the world of football management have had to deal with the dreaded vote of confidence from the chairman and the inevitable summons to the boardroom to receive their marching orders.’
      • ‘City got the lift they needed at the start of the second when Worrell, booked for encroachment on 46 minutes, received his marching orders some seven minutes later for a display of dissent.’
      • ‘The Staines man reacted angrily with his arms, receiving his marching orders while the Halifax player went unpunished.’
      • ‘Sweeney put the coastal county further in front with a well taken point before his brother received his marching orders.’
      • ‘And Glenavon's gamesmanship saw Maguire receive his marching orders just a minute later.’
      • ‘Wise has already shown he can fill the boots of Brass, taking charge of the defence when the City chief received his marching orders at Brunton Park.’
      • ‘Midway through the second half Dunnington had a man sent off and in the later stages another received his marching orders along with an Old Malton player.’
      • ‘Deep into injury time, Hendry received his marching orders after taking what was judged to be a dive on the edge of the penalty area, earning him a second yellow card.’
      • ‘However, the game was effectively over as a spectacle when Baker received his marching orders, as Dagenham were quite content to sit back on their lead.’
      • ‘Battersby was the villain of the piece in this fixture back in April when he was involved in an unsightly battle with Lancaster and both received their marching orders.’
      • ‘Travers' intervention was not appreciated and the Ford keeper received his marching orders, while Linden received a yellow card.’
      • ‘But, although the Hunslet scrum-half received his marching orders for his part in the incident, it all seemed to unsettle the York side.’
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