Meaning of mare clausum in English:

mare clausum

nounplural noun maria clausa/ˌmɑːrɪə ˈklaʊsə/ /ˈklɔːzə/

  • The sea that is under the jurisdiction of a particular country.

    ‘The Dutch East India Company, though nominally under Dutch authority, was clearly a state in Asia and asserted mare clausum not only around the Spice Islands but also in parts of the Indian Ocean.’
    • ‘The article analyzes the legal and political standing of the Soviet juridical theory of mare clausum as applied to the Baltic Sea.’
    • ‘In this guarded fashion the claim that the seas of the world outside Europe were Iberian maria clausa was breached.’


mare clausum

/ˌmɑːreɪ ˈklaʊsʊm/ /ˌmɑːrɪ ˈklɔːzm/


Latin, ‘closed sea’.