Meaning of Mareva injunction in English:

Mareva injunction


English Law
  • A court order freezing a debtor's assets to prevent them being taken abroad.

    ‘The ordinary Mareva injunction restricts a defendant from dealing with his own assets.’
    • ‘It seems to me that it would be inconsistent with the Act as a whole in general and with s 33 in particular if the Secretary of State were to be at liberty to apply for Mareva injunctions in the High Court.’
    • ‘Judicial discretion is therefore to be carefully exercised when considering a rule 45 order or the granting of a Mareva injunction given the severe prejudicial consequences that can result.’
    • ‘He denied having been the subject of a general Mareva injunction (affecting all his assets) at the behest of a former business associate, yet when the order was produced the next day it demonstrated that there had indeed been such an order.’
    • ‘For myself, I cannot accept that the jurisdiction of the court to require such an undertaking only exists where a Mareva injunction is ordered.’


Mareva injunction

/məˈreɪvə/ /məˈriːvə/


Named after Mareva Compania Naveria S.A., the first plaintiff to be granted such an injunction (1975).