Meaning of margherita in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmɑːɡəˈriːtə/


  • Denoting a pizza topped with tomatoes, cheese, and traditionally also basil.

    ‘a slice of margherita pizza’
    • ‘I ordered a pizza margherita’
    • ‘This is their pizza margherita: it's a nice alternative to your brand-name pizza.’
    • ‘Next time you're looking at a menu in your local pizza establishment why not compare the price of a margherita pizza to that of a meat feast, for example.’
    • ‘We fed our margherita pizza crusts to the pigeons.’
    • ‘Fred had a margherita pizza with pepperoni from their wood burning oven.’
    • ‘The cheese on the classic pizza margherita must be mozzarella "from the southern Apennines".’
    • ‘We intended to share a margherita pizza, one of eight wood-fired specialty pizzas, but it arrived charred on the bottom.’
    • ‘The pizza margherita we tried was soggy in the center.’
    • ‘The margherita pizza with fresh tomato, garlic, basil and mozzarella, crisp crust and interplay of sweet and acid, was reminiscent of the fabled tomato pies of Trenton.’


  • A margherita pizza.

    ‘her favourite pizza is a margherita’
    • ‘He's very specific about his wood-fired, thin-crust margheritas.’
    • ‘Save a few bucks and order your grilled margherita in the quick-service annex to the main restaurant, Scopa to Go.’
    • ‘Show up on the right night, and you might score one of his white clam pies, or a traditional margherita with fresh homemade mozzarella, basil, and a lively tomato sauce.’
    • ‘The margherita, our favorite, is charred and smoky, modestly dabbed with tangy tomato sauce, homemade mozzarella, and basil.’
    • ‘Pizzas ranged from $5.50 for a margherita to $6.20 for a fiorentina (with spinach and egg) and $6.50 for a Calzone pizza (with tomato, ham, cheese, spicy salame and mushrooms).’
    • ‘When I was asked to take my family out to the refurbished Pizza Hut in Pavement, I knew the news would go down as well as a nice slice of margherita.’
    • ‘We tried the flavor-packed Oyster Bay pizza with spicy Italian sausage and the even better simple margherita garnished with fresh basil.’
    • ‘I always go for the Neapolitan style margherita, and Portofino turns out a juicy, tender, textbook-perfect classic.’
    • ‘The Margherita was invented in 1889 in honour of the then Italian queen.’


Italian named after Margherita of Savoy (1851–1926), Queen Consort of King Umberto I of Italy (1844–1900); the toppings represent the three colours of the Italian flag.