Meaning of margin of error in English:

margin of error

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  • A permissible or tolerable degree of deviation from a correct or exact value or target.

    ‘it is well within the margin of error for this sort of calculation’
    • ‘That's a large target area, and it allows for a margin of error when a shot must be taken from odd angles.’
    • ‘A margin of error is allowed in the exercise of discretion.’
    • ‘That, basically, is a statistical tie for first, because that's within the margin of error.’
    • ‘Okay, but this poll has a margin of error of plus or minus three points.’
    • ‘What is the margin of error around those city-level survey estimates?’
    • ‘So Bustamante has a three-point lead in a poll with a five-point margin of error.’
    • ‘Each guess was outside the margin of error of the other.’
    • ‘Even if shareholders are prepared to give Holmes the benefit of another few quarters' grace, he has an extremely small margin of error.’
    • ‘That's two or three percentage point difference, which can be well within the margin of error.’
    • ‘In a truly scientific survey, the margin of error will be very low.’