Meaning of marginalization in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmɑːdʒɪn(ə)lʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/


(British marginalisation)
mass noun
  • Treatment of a person, group, or concept as insignificant or peripheral.

    ‘he worked hard to eliminate social and economic marginalization’
    • ‘women experienced marginalization in many localities’
    • ‘Their coalition offers them both a way to challenge their marginalization in America.’
    • ‘The distinct types of marginalization derived from the social conflicts are often themes addressed by these authors.’
    • ‘In the German-speaking world, the marginalization of the asylums was also a product of the rise of clinical psychiatry.’
    • ‘Fear of marginalization runs deep in the printmaking psyche.’
    • ‘The film approaches the Aboriginal experience in the same way that American 'hood movies approach the marginalization of black youth.’
    • ‘They alone are guilty for this shameful marginalization of our visual arts.’
    • ‘Its very marginalization turns it into a world where some form of female agency can be upheld.’
    • ‘The orientation toward nervous ailments at Steinhof, then, embodied an attempt to fight the marginalization of the asylum on a number of levels.’
    • ‘In the case of "outsider" artists, such unconventional rendering is attributed to mental illness, lack of training, or marginalization in society.’
    • ‘Feminists must move beyond a theory that grounds women's marginalization on dubious anatomical measurements.’