Meaning of margination in English:


Pronunciation /mɑːdʒɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n/



See marginate

‘In addition to nucleolar prominence, multiple nucleoli and nucleolar margination have also been suggested as diagnostic criteria for prostate cancer.’
  • ‘Koilocytes are ballooned cells showing a large perinuclear clearing and extensive margination of the cytoplasm, giving a sharp edge to the halo.’
  • ‘Electron microscopy of the pleural-based mass showed discohesive spindle cells with elongated nuclei displaying margination of chromatin and indentation of the nuclear membrane.’
  • ‘Nucleolar margination was present in 132 cases of cancer and 7 benign cases.’
  • ‘The tumor cells have round or oval nuclei that appear vesicular with margination of chromatin about the nuclear membrane.’