Meaning of mariculture in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmarɪˌkʌltʃə/


mass noun
  • The cultivation of fish or other marine life for food.

    ‘The plans also include a bathymetric study of the Moy Estuary and Killala Bay as a means of raising awareness of the effects of agricultural pollution on mariculture and there will be an International conference with the other partners.’
    • ‘It is responsible for fish kills in mariculture operations in Japan and is reported to produce a neurotoxin related to those causing NSP.’
    • ‘Its five thematic areas relate to: integrated marine and coastal management; sustainable use of the resources concerned; marine and coastal protected areas, mariculture, and alien species.’
    • ‘Fish production activities involve fishing, fish processing (including fish canning), as well as mariculture.’
    • ‘It appeared that development of new genotypes for seaweed mariculture would inevitably track the progress reported by crop scientists.’
    • ‘The marine shellfish along the East London coastline also show consistent non-compliance with SA Water Quality Guidelines for mariculture.’
    • ‘In part this may be due to increased public awareness and expansion of mariculture or sea-farming, leading to a higher level of observation.’
    • ‘With careful planning, mariculture may be advanced in selected areas, which will certainly produce employment, food and foreign exchange.’
    • ‘I also have a writ to stop any further logging here on grounds that it'll damage the environment for mariculture, and for historical reasons as well.’
    • ‘The report also indicated a need for bio-diversity which could involve the communities in activities like mariculture.’
    • ‘We have found it in experimental lobster mariculture tanks where colonies completely cover the juvenile lobster with a brown fuzzy coat.’
    • ‘The aim is to train up local people, including staff in the national parks, in mariculture techniques and measuring stock.’


Mid 19th century from Latin mare, mari- ‘sea’ + culture, on the pattern of words such as agriculture.