Meaning of marine iguana in English:

marine iguana


  • A large lizard with webbed feet, native to the Galapagos Islands, which swims strongly and is the only marine lizard.

    Amblyrhynchus cristatus, family Iguanidae

    ‘This past year, I decided to return to the Galapagos for an intense four-month photo session among old friends such as giant tortoises, marine iguanas, and blue-footed boobies.’
    • ‘The tortoises, marine iguanas and land iguanas on the Galapagos Islands, studied by Charles Darwin, provide some of the most striking examples.’
    • ‘Another example of likely feedback of social interactions onto circulating hormone levels comes from Galapagos marine iguanas.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, we were not allowed to directly conduct a common garden experiment in the Galapagos because marine iguanas from different populations can not be brought into captivity at one site.’
    • ‘Primitive forms are small and insectivorous, but where there is less competition or predation they may develop into larger herbivores, as represented by the famous marine iguana of the Galapagos.’