Meaning of Mariolatry in English:


Pronunciation /ˌmɛːrɪˈɒlətri/


mass noun
  • Idolatrous worship of the Virgin Mary.

    ‘they accuse Catholics of Mariolatry’
    • ‘Anti-Catholics would focus on certain issues, especially saints and Mariolatry, parochial schools, sacramentalism, convents, missions to the Indians, and Bible-reading in schools.’
    • ‘Mary, Mother of God is a cautious probing by mainly Protestant thinkers who are keenly aware that most Protestants are inclined to assume that Mariology is synonymous with Mariolatry.’
    • ‘Having said this, surely it is necessary to understand Sienese civic Mariolatry within the context of the astonishing popularity of Mary throughout Europe in the late Middle Ages.’
    • ‘Instead, images of the Madonna abounded; they attest to a high point of Mariolatry during this period in the north.’


Early 17th century from Maria (Latin equivalent of ‘Mary’) + -latry, on the pattern of idolatry.