Meaning of mark you in English:

mark you

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mainly British
  • Used to emphasize a statement.

    ‘I was persuaded, against my better judgement, mark you, to vote for him’
    • ‘This statement, mark you, is made by a man who is described at the foot of the article as the Washington Post's book critic.’
    • ‘I suppose if I were to take a full time teaching post then I could have a nice hefty mortgage and afford a house of decent proportions… not on the salary, mark you, but on the combination of salary and equity from this house.’
    • ‘Yet we expect officials to train themselves, prepare themselves and make the important decisions week in and week out for #310 a game - and that, mark you, is for the top referees.’
    • ‘Hitchens's article takes the form of a review of The John Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism; in its second edition, mark you, so the thing must be a really hot seller.’
    • ‘This, mark you, was his opinion at a time when the number of books published in the UK in a year was somewhere around 10% of today's figure.’
    • ‘And this, mark you, in a business which is largely based in London.’
    • ‘Not, mark you, setting out to prove there is none, but determined to prove that there is.’
    • ‘And all this, mark you, before a date for the general election has even been set.’
    • ‘These are the same people, mark you, that would have bought every single song they downloaded if the alternative was to go without - according the the recording industry's claims for the impact of downloading, that is.’
    • ‘This, mark you, is my first interview in six months.’