Meaning of market-led in English:


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  • Influenced or determined by the needs and wishes of consumers.

    ‘what you will see is a more market-led approach to economic regeneration’
    • ‘A market-led company cannot ignore threats to the natural ecology.’
    • ‘Better, surely, a market-led reduction in long term interest rates than one induced by the bank.’
    • ‘Unlike other green collectives in England, it is market-led - the products are designed to stand on their own.’
    • ‘Many companies that have been hailed as successful market-led businesses have not managed to achieve a sustainable long-term success.’
    • ‘Unlike their countries' current leaders, both are pro-America and believe in a market-led economy.’
    • ‘Innovation and new market-led products are the imperatives for companies that want to be part of this growth.’
    • ‘Wage rates should be market-led.’
    • ‘The past was production-driven and production-based; the future will be market-led and knowledge-based.’
    • ‘The best solutions are market-led and not ones misguidedly introduced by the Executive.’
    • ‘They do this in line with a liberal dogma that insists that only market-led reforms will lead to lasting change.’