Meaning of market analyst in English:

market analyst


  • A person or company that assesses the conditions that affect a marketplace.

    ‘she works as a market analyst in the computer industry’
    • ‘Loyalty to your bank is on the way out, according to a new survey from market analyst Datamonitor.’
    • ‘The childcare sector is notorious for its low rates of pay, a fact emphasised by market analysts for potential investors.’
    • ‘Bernstein, market analyst at Merrill Lynch, expects the NASDAQ to drop to new lows.’
    • ‘Most market analysts guess American farmers sowed at least 2 million more wheat acres last fall than in 2001.’
    • ‘You don't have to be a professional market analyst - or even be old enough to vote - to make a killing on the stock market.’
    • ‘So, some may say that the billions of dollars spent on the salaries of market analysts is largely wasted.’
    • ‘This is a widely held view, championed by such institutions as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, as well as by some financial market analysts.’
    • ‘Baker, chief market analyst for General Motors Corp., says the combined effect of low interest rates, falling fuel prices, and auto rebates have kept vehicle sales strong.’
    • ‘There's a sense among market analysts that the stock market will stage a moderate recovery in the second half of the year.’
    • ‘Jeff, now head of global business development, started in 1986 as a market analyst.’