Meaning of market cross in English:

market cross


  • A stone cross situated in the marketplace of a British town.

    ‘The green west of the church was then the market place, and the market cross, standing on five steps, is a rare survival.’
    • ‘The pilgrimage procession sets out from in front of St John's church, proceeds down the High Street, past the market cross and into the Abbey.’
    • ‘Perhaps significant, the market cross, the place where buyer and seller came together to finalize a deal with a handshake, where the abstract became humanized, still remains.’
    • ‘The market cross seemed made of rose quartz in the new light; even the gutter down the middle of the street flowed with what seemed liquid gold.’
    • ‘I finally cornered the Bishop in Newent, a delightful little place with an ancient market cross, a couple of family butchers and a cake shop called Daffodil.’
    • ‘The TV version of Skeldale House is just over from the market cross, pump and bull-baiting ring.’
    • ‘About 40 commercial stalls will line the street from the market cross, and will sell a broad range of goods.’
    • ‘She added that a market cross was another feature of the park which could be enhanced.’
    • ‘In the grounds of the grammar school is the old market cross and one of the medieval wells.’
    • ‘He also endowed the town with almshouses, a new Grammar School and market cross.’
    • ‘The ‘Butter Cross’ is one of the strangest little market crosses I've ever seen.’
    • ‘Beyond the defensive perimeters of many castles the vestiges of medieval market places can still be found, often with market crosses.’