Meaning of market economy in English:

market economy

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  • An economic system in which production and prices are determined by unrestricted competition between privately owned businesses.

    ‘the process of transition to a market economy led to major changes’
    • ‘Varying the amount of information available to market participants demonstrates the role of information in a market economy.’
    • ‘Russian universities are developing agricultural leaders for the changing world of the market economy.’
    • ‘By 1820, however, the forces of the market economy had begun to impact the valley.’
    • ‘Business planning for small farms transitioning to a market economy was a primary focus of the project.’
    • ‘They will have to maintain their critical stance and simultaneously respond to the demands of the market economy in the new, reformed, capitalist system.’
    • ‘Infrastructure was inherited from the Soviet economy and is considered to be inadequate for the functioning of a free market economy.’
    • ‘The entry of emerging market economies into the global trading system is a powerful deflationary force.’
    • ‘In advanced market economies, we are all dependent on others in ways we may not even have thought of.’
    • ‘Today's poor countries were poor long before modern liberal market economies developed in Europe and North America; we cannot blame capitalism for poverty.’
    • ‘The shift to a market economy affected every level of the film industry from its basic infrastructure to its mode of financing and administration.’