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market gardener

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‘The allegations go back 30 years or more to the days when he'd not long arrived in the Northern Territory and worked as a market gardener and wildlife officer in Arnhem Land.’
  • ‘If you are a market gardener or if you sell products directly to consumers, keep daily or weekly sales totals, along with accurate input and production records.’
  • ‘Whether you're a market gardener wanting to extend your season or a family looking to grow more of your own food year-round, a hoophouse is the answer.’
  • ‘Walnut and chestnut trees shade the paths in and out of the villages, each terrace of land carries a patchwork of blown barley or vegetables that would turn any market gardener's head.’
  • ‘Savier was by far the best market gardener I had visited, ever.’


market gardener

/ˌmɑːkɪt ˈɡɑːdənə/ /ˌmɑːkɪt ˈɡɑːdnə/