Meaning of market leader in English:

market leader


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  • 1The company selling the largest quantity of a particular product.

    ‘we have emerged as the clear market leader in the pet retail trade’
    • ‘Car market leader Maruti sold 49, 399 units including 5,458 units in exports this October.’
    • ‘The company has very strong management and is the clear market leader.’
    • ‘By 1998 we had 200 employed in Dublin and Cork and were the clear market leader in the sector in which we operated.’
    • ‘The company, which is backed by Microsoft, claimed it was the clear market leader in the UK, with a 25% share.’
    • ‘TLG aims to be the fastest growing crystal supplier and the market leader in customer service and product innovation and design.’
    • ‘Sagicor Financial Corporation Ltd was the market leader with a traded volume of 188,538 shares traded.’
    • ‘The company is now the market leader in a number of key growth segments in the British food industry, including sandwiches, quiche and pizza.’
    • ‘CRH is the market leader with production of about 2.5 million tonnes.’
    • ‘If the company isn't the market leader, that doesn't mean that you should leave.’
    • ‘It operates a similar business model to the market leader, Dell, which does not have any inventory and makes computers to meet demand.’
    • ‘The company is a market leader in low-flow gas catalytic combustion technology.’
    • ‘Opodo is so confident of success that it predicts it will become the market leader in online travel by 2004.’
    • ‘Moffat's group designs and sells personal computers - just like Dell, the market leader, does.’
    • ‘Nissan is the apparent market leader in France, selling 3,800 units this year.’
    • ‘It is now the top foreign insurer in both China and Japan, a market leader in Southeast Asia, and an important new player in India.’
    • ‘It is a market leader in brokerage services and total deposits.’
    • ‘CRH is the fourth largest producer of aggregates in the US and a market leader in asphalt.’
    • ‘The CEO has built the Hain Celestial Group Inc. into the market leader in natural foods.’
    • ‘Jamaica money Market Brokers Ltd was the market leader with 620,161 shares crossing the floor.’
    • ‘Having a strong brand identity, solid management and positive cash flow mean a lot if your company is to be the market leader.’
    1. 1.1A product which outsells its competitors.
      ‘the company made its disposable razor the market leader’
      • ‘The product is a market leader but facing heavy competition from several ‘me too’ products or generic drugs.’
      • ‘Between six and ten in the evening it is the market leader among 15 to 24-year-old Dubliners.’