Meaning of market rent in English:

market rent


  • The amount of rent that can be expected for the use of a property, in comparison with similar properties in the same area.

    ‘as the area develops, market rents will only climb’
    • ‘they are paying market rent or close to it’
    • ‘The balance of the property is let at open market rents.’
    • ‘This is largely due to an increase in private landlords (making tenants choosier), which has brought down market rents.’
    • ‘The rent can only go up once a year and can only climb to the market rent.’
    • ‘In simple terms a "fair rent" is determined by ignoring the factor of scarcity in so far as it affects market rent.’
    • ‘Kirkland suggests Stewart get figures of what the market rents are in her area and make sure that hers are comparable.’
    • ‘Prime market rents were 324 euros per square metre for offices and 72 euros per square metre for industrial at the end of the second quarter of this year.’
    • ‘All three members of the Committee had a very high degree of familiarity with market rent levels in the area of North Leeds.’
    • ‘The rent is reviewed in line with the RPI, but at 10 yearly intervals either party may seek a review to the market rent.’
    • ‘Taking these figures into account, the effect of current market rents and yields gives a negative development value.’
    • ‘Initially, the rent paid was geared to income but, as Mr. Smith's income increased, the family began paying market rent.’