Meaning of market research in English:

market research


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mass noun
  • The action or activity of gathering information about consumers' needs and preferences.

    ‘the company has just completed market research on a new type of organic toothpaste’
    • ‘a market-research company’
    • ‘But all they can do is offer advice and information or conduct market research.’
    • ‘It specialises in brand development, market research and marketing strategy.’
    • ‘This could be in monitoring changing industry standards, or in sharing the cost of export market research.’
    • ‘We are also working on consumer and wholesale market research in Europe and Asia.’
    • ‘In most forms of market research, researchers have to take consumers at their word.’
    • ‘It should give reasons for your pricing decisions based on market research.’
    • ‘People aren't used to the concept of market research, so it's really hard to collect data.’
    • ‘Al and Laura would argue that positive market research will also get you a mediocre product.’
    • ‘We did some market research and canvassed opinion and there seemed to be a demand for an independent supplier.’
    • ‘It's time to take another look at the market you're selling to - more market research.’
    • ‘The money Clarke and his co-founders invested allowed them to carry out detailed market research.’
    • ‘Expensive market research and costly billboard advertising were crucial factors in its success.’
    • ‘Expanding the use of market research worldwide is one of their key initiatives.’
    • ‘Careful market research is key because it's easy to mess up in moral values territory.’
    • ‘He or she would also work on market research to help businesses make informed judgements on marketing opportunities.’
    • ‘Power learned the promise and the pitfalls of market research early in his career.’
    • ‘Now he ties development to market research, much of which is done far from the Midwest.’
    • ‘Thing is, the ones who pay the bills for market research are asking a lot right now.’
    • ‘While you are pondering what to buy, you might keep in mind the results of some recent art market research.’
    • ‘The company is also shortly to open two new stores in Russia following months of painstaking market research.’
    survey, opinion poll, canvass, market research, sampling, census