Meaning of market research agency in English:

market research agency

nounplural noun market research agencies

  • A company that gathers and analyses information about consumers' needs and preferences.

    ‘the study was carried out by independent market research agency ICM’
    • ‘The polls are generally done by leading market research agencies.’
    • ‘Records also show he is the chairman of a telephone market research agency.’
    • ‘The BBC's weekly audience in Bangladesh has increased by 2.6 million in the past year, according to a survey conducted by an independent market research agency.’
    • ‘Companies employ market research agencies to quiz users and this is very expensive.’
    • ‘A number of panels are retained by market research agencies and are consulted regularly to ascertain which recent advertisements they can recall.’
    • ‘I was assigned two clients in the early years at a market research agency.’
    • ‘Our client is a global market research agency with offices in Johannesburg.’
    • ‘It's an international, full service online market research agency offering qualitative research, syndicated products and market intelligence reports.’
    • ‘A company can get lot of benefits by hiring the market research agency many times during the course of the business life of its products and services.’
    • ‘Around two-thirds of the companies that obtain their information from market research agencies also rate their current business situation as 'good'.’