Meaning of market square in English:

market square

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  • An open square in which a town market is or was formerly held.

    ‘the parade halted in the market square’
    • ‘The site lies on the south-west corner of the city's popular, bustling market square, opposite the church of St Peter Mancroft.’
    • ‘Denied access to Anglican pulpits, Wesley brought his message of spiritual renewal outdoors to fields and market squares throughout Britain.’
    • ‘The preparation is to allow for the construction of a three storey residential and commercial building as well as a market square.’
    • ‘And they designed a market square to help invigorate the city, connecting it to a nearby shopping center through a glass arcade.’
    • ‘In the market square young artists sell their paintings and performers entertain with music and street theatre.’
    • ‘It's a place of heavy timber and half-timber houses and a central market square covered in cobbles, all reminiscent of earlier times.’
    • ‘French houses grew up haphazardly around a central market square; when the British came to power, they planned the remaining streets on an orderly grid system.’
    • ‘Nor were women absent from popular politics: protests about food prices often began among women in market squares.’
    • ‘Eventually every town in Europe had a clock in the market square.’
    • ‘He set aside several blocks for the use of the community, including a market square and blocks for churches to be built on at a later stage.’