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market trader

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  • 1A person running a stall at a market.

    ‘market traders from France, Italy, and Spain will be selling products including olives, cheese, sausages, and fresh bread’
    • ‘A debate over whether to allow market traders to sell their wares on a Sunday raged in Skipton.’
    • ‘Today Bradford's hard-pressed market traders urged shoppers to try outlets other than the well-known chains.’
    • ‘A market trader I met, who left school unable to spell "orange", could do mental arithmetic with the speed of summer lightning.’
    • ‘So support your local market traders and enjoy fine food.’
    • ‘The town council agreed to draft a letter to send out to market traders as to what could happen to the market.’
    • ‘Market traders and members of the town council have discussed a possible partnership to manage the market in Low Street.’
    • ‘The market traders who sell produce and fish are all women, some of whom accumulate and manage large amounts of cash.’
    • ‘The town's market traders wholeheartedly embraced the festival and reaped the benefits in return.’
    • ‘We are shopkeepers and market traders who work extremely hard to look after our customers' requirements.’
    • ‘A market trader has told how he faces going out of business after overnight raiders stripped his van of £10,000 worth of goods.’
  • 2A trader on the stock market.

    ‘social media is one of the best online tools that stockbrokers and market traders can use’
    • ‘But market traders believe strong demand in the US and China threatens to exceed OPEC's capacity to control the market.’
    • ‘A minority of professional and private market traders gamble on the market day to day but the vast majority of participants are long-term investors.’
    • ‘"I still think there is some way to go to restore people's confidence, as is always the case after a recession," says Baker, a stock market trader.’
    • ‘He said the dire predictions were the result of heightened fears among oil market traders of supply disruptions.’
    • ‘The market traders that have been rushing to buy Japanese stocks are doing so because they are looking at the currency as if it were a stock.’
    • ‘Individuals who trade bonds currently enjoy a tax exemption of US $8,010 for interest income, the paper said, citing an unidentified market trader.’
    • ‘"Market traders and stockbrokers are good at betting because it is essentially a highly skilled thing," continues Danny.’
    • ‘Furthermore, they fostered a false sense of security among all participants along the mortgage food chain: broker, underwriter, ratings agencies, and secondary market traders.’