Meaning of market valuation in English:

market valuation


  • The value of an asset based on the price that would be paid for it if it were sold at a certain time.

    ‘after a wildly successful IPO last week, the company is the talk of the town with a market valuation to match’
    • ‘On a single day in mid-October the CEO saw his company's stock lose a whopping $55 billion in market valuation.’
    • ‘At the top are several large companies with market valuations of billions of dollars.’
    • ‘To justify a market valuation of £75b, I think GSK needs to deliver profits of around £6b.’
    • ‘More cash means more pressure for speedy growth and acquisitions while the money's available and market valuations are high.’
    • ‘The advent of the Internet resulted in several giddy gold rush years, in which companies that couldn't boast a cent of earnings saw their market valuations soar.’