Meaning of marketing exercise in English:

marketing exercise


  • An activity designed to promote a product or service.

    ‘obviously the book is a marketing exercise but it's a fun read’
    • ‘I see this entirely as a cynical marketing exercise’
    • ‘Finally, liveries can be a great marketing exercise for an airline.’
    • ‘From the off it's clear the "premium" label isn't just a marketing exercise.’
    • ‘Renaming it is merely a marketing exercise in support of further consumer capitalism.’
    • ‘Despite the tighter economic situation, the government plans to use the tournament as a marketing exercise for the country.’
    • ‘But consumer group Choice says the campaign is a cleverly disguised marketing exercise and is aimed at data mining consumers.’
    • ‘Drivers just want to race, they don't see Formula One as a marketing exercise or product development.’
    • ‘But then the business of government is mostly a marketing exercise these days, so none of this should surprise.’
    • ‘The move has been widely interpreted as a marketing exercise aimed at helping the Premier shed her reputation for being remote and unfriendly.’
    • ‘Teaching unions and campaigners have warned that schools would need to ensure companies did not treat lessons as potential marketing exercises.’
    • ‘This data is directly tied into the performance metrics of our marketing exercises, and the feedback contributes to marketing program planning.’