Meaning of marketspace in English:




  • 1An arena within which commercial dealing takes place; a market.

    ‘The research gurus, the Wall Street pundits, the investment bankers and lawyers thought they could restructure an industry from the outside by creating marketspaces everyone would have to play in.’
    • ‘Work on the songs, try to figure out what will sell to the marketspace you are trying to penetrate and write/play accordingly.’
    • ‘All who would have us believe that Linux will drive Microsoft from the marketspace, take note: The emperor has no clothes.’
    • ‘Hence, as we shall see later, it is hardly surprising that pure-plays had difficulty establishing brand loyalty in this marketspace.’
    • ‘Wall Street regularly beats up on government contractors - ‘every dollar spent chasing a government customer is one not spent on the really important marketspace like e-commerce and B2B intranets ‘(Wall Street analyst).’’
    • ‘Could it be something to do with Telecom's monopoly in the DSL marketspace?’
    • ‘What surprises me is that Telecom isn't out there competing in this marketspace rather than simply resting on its laurels.’
    • ‘Looks like he is trying to break into the blogging/social networking marketspace, according to CNet.’
    • ‘In the marketspace, information should be considered at the forefront, as the source of value creation for both marketplace and marketspace and a source of competitive advantage (Weiber & Kollmann).’
    • ‘So could NZoom's demise be a great opportunity for a new entrant to make their mark in the online content marketspace?’
    • ‘I, among an increasing number of others, have claimed that an Aesthetic Sensibility is the key to hard-nosed economic success in an insanely crowded marketspace, from Target & Samsung to IBM & Infosys & UPS.’
  • 2mass noun Commerce carried out by electronic means, especially via the internet.