Meaning of marking in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɑːkɪŋ/

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usually markings
  • 1A mark or set of marks.

    ‘the new outfits had luminous reflective markings’
    • ‘the new road markings will highlight the two lanes’
    • ‘She wore a grey hooded top and had trainers with white luminous markings, which looked new.’
    • ‘They also want crossings illuminated when being used and railway vehicles to have reflective markings.’
    • ‘The project also served as a test site for a new 3M wet reflective tape for highway markings on concrete.’
    • ‘Also at one point the object seemed to light up the solid white reflective center roadway markings.’
    • ‘The planes were parked on the ramp and given a coat of Olive Drab camouflage along with period markings.’
    • ‘I, myself, was in a serious accident at Newby Bridge in 1994 and as a result, new and improved road markings were put in place at the accident spot.’
    • ‘Teardrop was known as a friend of the homeless and was easily recognised because of the tattoos all over his body, including tribal markings on his face.’
    • ‘It always pays to fully explore well away from the wreck and to mark on the plotter any significant markings of loose wreckage.’
    • ‘To tackle that, clear weight restriction signs could be put in place before vehicles reach West Chevin Road, as well as hazard markings and warning signs.’
    • ‘British Transport Police paid to have the car modified, which included fitting flashing lights, communication systems and markings.’
    • ‘Stockport council will now have to spend thousands of pounds to reverse the markings at 30 crossings to comply with new government regulations.’
    • ‘Other measures in the plan include new lane markings, anti-skid surfacing and several hundred yards of bus lane on Brighton Way up to the roundabout.’
    • ‘Green markings which have been put down to delineate a cycle way on the road at Waterhead, Ambleside, have caused a flurry of letters to the Gazette in recent weeks.’
    • ‘The available ground will be soon marked out with distinctive markings.’
    • ‘On the contrary, we know that the pattern of ink markings on the page you are reading was impressed on the ink by the printing device.’
    • ‘Amateur collectors in East Anglia have now found stone tools and animal bones which show markings that can only have been made by humans using such tools.’
    • ‘The markings were patterned, dividing the door into four quadrants, each with identical designs.’
    • ‘She noticed that he had strange red markings on his skin, scorches possibly.’
    • ‘Connor could make out the distinctive hull markings that showed that this was no ordinary vehicle.’
    • ‘As for the line markings on the streets, they are obeyed even less than street signs.’
    1. 1.1A mark or pattern of marks on an animal's fur, feathers, or skin.
      ‘a dun horse with black markings’
      • ‘The juvenile looks similar but lacks the white facial feathering and black markings on the belly.’
      • ‘Condor was a black horse with silver markings on the outsides of all four legs, in the form of streaks.’
      • ‘On her belly is a beautiful pattern of black and white markings.’
      • ‘With its striking brown and white markings and glossy skin, the somewhat docile snake was weighed and checked in at 26,6kg.’
      • ‘The adult insect is a moth with silvery-white forewings and brown stripes and black markings on each wing tip.’
      • ‘Artists are also likely to use the natural markings of the animals as they develop their compositions.’
      • ‘They have distinct black markings on the ends of their fins, particularly the first dorsal and caudal fins.’
      • ‘They were of a copper color that was almost metallic, with black angular markings down the legs and around the waist.’
      • ‘It has beautiful black and white markings on its head and the foregoing adults of both sexes have very long horns.’
      • ‘The number of black markings can also range anywhere from no spots to 15 spots.’
      • ‘He was a strange stylised round creature about a foot and a half tall with markings like black and white cows - only less symmetrical.’
      • ‘It really is a handsome beast with black and green markings.’
      • ‘You can hardly see their faces under their manes, just black markings around the mouth and lolling pink tongues.’
      • ‘Skippy is a medium-sized bitch, mostly white with black and brown markings.’
      • ‘The most common American shorthair color is the silver tabby with dense black markings on a sterling silver background.’
      • ‘These hatch into white and pale yellow caterpillars with black heads, black markings, and a black horn.’
      • ‘This is where the Doberman gets his short, gleaming coat, and the fine black and tan markings.’
      • ‘It can be recognised by its distinctive yellow markings around the beak and bells on its leg.’
      • ‘The distinctive markings of pronghorns, especially the bright white rump patch, make them easy to spot.’
      • ‘Some have distinctive markings on their heads and on their carapace, or upper shell.’
      blemish, streak, spot, fleck, dot, blot, stain, smear, trace, speck, speckle, blotch, smudge, smut, smirch, fingermark, fingerprint, impression, imprint
    2. 1.2Music A word or symbol on a score indicating the correct tempo, dynamic, or other aspect of performance.
      ‘The tempo markings also use descriptive words, with a specific metronome marking given for each piece.’
      • ‘The editing includes dynamic markings and pedal indications but no fingerings.’
      • ‘Missing tempo markings may have led Bernstein to perform contrasting sections more slowly than Ives wished.’
      • ‘Wayward performances and an ambivalent attitude towards his score markings must be challenged.’
      • ‘With a great orchestra, the conductor seldom has to clarify texture, as long as the players follow the markings in the score.’