Main meanings of marmite in English

: marmite1Marmite2



  • An earthenware cooking container.

    ‘The marmitako is a simple dish that fishermen used to cook in a marmite (a small cooking pot);reason for the name, marmitako.’
    • ‘A garniture of turnips, carrots and potatoes cut in a tournage are cooked in a marmite till tender and served with the beef and sauces.’
    • ‘The evening meal was slowly cooking in a marmite suspended from a hook.’
    • ‘Place in a marmite, deep casserole or Dutch oven with a tight fitting lid. Then wrap the casserole completely in foil.’
    • ‘Heat the olive oil in the marmite, then drain the chick-peas again and add them.’



/ˈmɑːmʌɪt/ /mɑːˈmiːt/


Late 16th century (in Scots): from French, of uncertain origin. Scholars no longer believe that this derives from Old French marmite ‘hypocritical’, with reference to the hidden contents of the lidded pot.

Main meanings of Marmite in English

: marmite1Marmite2


Pronunciation /ˈmɑːmʌɪt/


mass noun
  • 1 trademark in UK A dark savoury spread made from yeast extract and vegetable extract.

    ‘Many enjoy a bread spread called Marmite, a dark-colored yeast extract with a salty taste.’
    • ‘I always take Marmite and ketchup abroad; I can't travel without my Marmite.’
    • ‘What I have found in practice is that people who like to eat Marmite have symptoms that suggest they have too much yeast in their system.’
    • ‘My mum used to love Marmite, but I couldn't even stand the smell.’
    • ‘They are moving away from the baked beans and Marmite sandwiches-era of old and are demanding far more adventurous fare from their campus canteens, says a new report.’
    1. 1.1Used in reference to something that tends to arouse strongly positive or negative reactions rather than indifference.
      ‘the styling is ‘Marmite’—some hate it, many love it’
      • ‘a proper Marmite sitcom, which people are either utterly loving or totally despising’
      • ‘There is a possibility that they'll become the Marmite of Manchester's music scene and half of the local audience will find them impossible to love.’
      • ‘They are 'Marmite people'. Very little goes a long way.’
      • ‘Contact lenses are a Marmite issue, some people can deal with the hassle of poking yourself in the eye early in morning before a race, and some can't.’
      • ‘He is a Marmite kind of Mayor.’
      • ‘Acknowledging that Art Brut are a marmite band, DiS declares itself in the pro-Art Brut camp with a 9/10 review.’
      • ‘He may have been dubbed 'comedy Marmite' but 639,000 fans flocked to see his show.’


Early 20th century from marmite.