Meaning of marmoreally in English:




See marmoreal

‘Keith's house, on the other hand, is a tidy fortress of English propriety and composure, presided over by a marmoreally composed mother and patrolled by a jolly authoritarian of a father, who calls his son '‘old bean'’.’
  • ‘It lacks the nostalgic tug of his early work and is not as marmoreally "tragic" as the later stuff.’
  • ‘His face became marmoreally still, even as his eyes welled up and began to close.’
  • ‘The evening began with Mozart's Linz Symphony, marmoreally lifeless, with a chilling smoothness to which one would have preferred any amount of wrong notes.’
  • ‘Marmoreally frigid at a first glance, it grows in warmth as we approach the main altar and the 17c painting found at Vinello.’