Meaning of marooner in English:


Pronunciation /məˈruːnə/


  • A pirate.

    ‘The Marooners who escaped carried their wanton ravages to other parts of the world.’
    • ‘There was hardly a creek or stream or point of land along our coast where fabulous treasures were not said to have been hidden by this worthy marooner.’
    • ‘Jones gave a long story to the High Court of the Admiralty in 1723 that explained how he eventually came to be a marooner.’
    • ‘Just then, as ill luck would have it, came in the Winchelsea man-of-war, by way of visit, which put the marooners into such a surprise that they set fire to the ship and sloop and fled ashore to the woods.’
    • ‘They took also a Vessel of Marooners that belonged to the Bay and carried to Campeche Town, where they erected a mighty Gallows, and threaten to hang them all.’


Mid 17th century from the practice by pirates of marooning their victims on a desert island.