Meaning of marriage bed in English:

marriage bed


  • The bed shared by a married couple (especially with reference to their sexual relationship)

    ‘she refused to allow him back into their marriage bed’
    • ‘With the dawning of adequate contraception it was not so necessary to preserve virginity for the marriage bed.’
    • ‘Deprived of the comforts of their marriage bed, and feeling a little deflated by their wives' newfound power, the men launch a counter campaign.’
    • ‘It was the linen of nuns and convents rather than of brides and marriage beds.’
    • ‘I think it's likely that your husband is resentful that you have left the marriage bed.’
    • ‘I am certain that my parents, who stayed together for more than 40 years until my father died, never strayed from the marriage bed.’
    • ‘While this is not an excuse for a man to sin sexually, his wife is accountable for her part in the marriage bed.’