Meaning of marriage ceremony in English:

marriage ceremony

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nounplural noun marriage ceremonies

  • A ceremony during which two people are married.

    ‘the marriage ceremony took place on January 3’
    • ‘For instance, Yury, who also lives in the US, was a witness at my marriage ceremony.’
    • ‘He then performs the marriage ceremony for them.’
    • ‘Mr. Murphy was the only justice of the peace in town, and he refused to perform marriage ceremonies in City Hall.’
    • ‘The marriage ceremony was a hastily arranged and secretive affair, with only a few friends of hers in attendance.’
    • ‘When the marriage ceremony takes place it is required that at least two witnesses be there, and the guests offer a short prayer for the success of the marriage.’
    • ‘The number of marriage ceremonies that took place in approved premises such as hotels, stately homes and historic buildings increased.’
    • ‘The marriage ceremony will take place in the afternoon at Stockholm Cathedral, after which the newly-weds are expected to be driven through the city centre in a horse-drawn carriage.’
    • ‘Just 30 people will witness the marriage ceremony at the Guildhall.’
    • ‘Since 2001, all register offices in England and Wales have had to report any suspicious marriage ceremonies.’
    • ‘The marriage ceremony and reception had all been kept a closely-guarded secret by family and friends for three weeks.’
    • ‘Ministers are already allowed to conduct marriage ceremonies outside churches and last year officiated at 380 such weddings, an increase of 41 on the previous year.’