Meaning of marriage equality in English:

marriage equality


mass noun
  • The situation in which same-sex couples have the same legal right to marry as opposite-sex couples.

    ‘he has been a long-time supporter of marriage equality’
    • ‘Marriage equality is the constitutional civil rights issue of this decade.’
    • ‘Many lesbian and gay grandparents have been working for full marriage equality for more than 25 years.’
    • ‘The struggle for marriage equality is not new - but it is now more visible.’
    • ‘When a few Hawaiians began to push for marriage equality in the early 1990s most gay men and lesbians - including the largest activist groups - scoffed at such a thought.’
    • ‘A rally was held outside Boston's City Hall in favor of marriage equality.’
    • ‘The actor has been at the forefront of the marriage equality debate.’
    • ‘One of the earliest supporters of marriage equality, he lobbied the State House in support of the freedom to marry.’
    • ‘Though the struggle is far from over, today is a pivotal step forward in the ongoing fight for marriage equality.’
    • ‘She's asking couples how marriage equality has positively changed their lives and what it would mean to have nationwide marriage equality.’
    • ‘Revelers were all smiles as they proudly waved rainbow colored flags, held up signs supporting marriage equality and hugged their loved ones tightly!’