Meaning of Marsala in English:


Pronunciation /mɑːˈsɑːlə/


mass noun
  • A dark, sweet fortified dessert wine that resembles sherry, produced in Sicily.

    ‘Red wine is used for poaching pears and macerating strawberries (a speciality of Bordeaux) while dessert wines such as Marsala and sherry are used in, respectively, zabaglione and English trifle.’
    • ‘Grape-based alcohols - wine, champagne, port, sherry, Marsala, brandy, and other spirits distilled from grapes - have a global importance.’
    • ‘Choose an authentic, dry white Marsala from Sicily, such as Lombardo.’
    • ‘Put the egg yolks, sugar, Madeira and Marsala into a large heatproof bowl.’
    • ‘Save for the odd drop of Marsala, I am not a great one for putting alcohol in my cooking.’
    • ‘Bring the brandy, rice wine, and Marsala to a boil; reduce the heat and simmer until reduced by half.’
    • ‘Blend the flour, eggs, milk, 5 Tablespoons of Marsala, lemon rind and 2 Tablespoons sugar in a large mixing bowl.’
    • ‘In a microwave on low, melt softened gelatin; add gelatin, chocolate and Marsala to yolk mixture while whisking.’
    • ‘Before long, Marsala may be back as the aperitif or dessert wine of choice at the dinner tables of the chattering classes.’
    • ‘The centre serves continental breakfast, and has a room with a piano, some kegs of Marsala, and trays of the local marzipan and almond specialties for informal interaction.’
    • ‘During his stay at an Italian hospital he charmed nurses and bribed porters into bringing him a steady stream of cognac, Cinzano vermouth, Marsala and Chianti.’
    • ‘Once only known for being a major constituent in Marsala, the Grillo grape has been radically transformed into a character-laden, cleansing white that has flavour to boot.’
    • ‘While the mushrooms were nicely done, and the hint of Marsala became more prominent as the dish cooled, we expected more herb flavour.’
    • ‘It is made in exactly the same way as the Italian zabaglione - where the wine is usually the rich and heady Marsala.’
    • ‘The veal melted in the mouth, and the creamy sauce was saved from being sickly by meaty mushrooms and a hit of Marsala.’
    • ‘Melt the rest of the butter, piece by piece with the Marsala.’
    • ‘Add eggs, lemon zest, and Marsala wine, mixing to combine.’
    • ‘Add the Marsala and then the finely grated zest of the lemons and the orange.’
    • ‘I decided to make the Christmas cake this weekend - but forgot that I needed to soak the fruit in Marsala wine first.’
    • ‘The saltimbocca veal was done in a Marsala sauce, with just a hint of sage and was probably the dish of the evening in both our minds.’


Named after Marsala, a town in Sicily where it was originally made.