Meaning of marsh fever in English:

marsh fever


mass nounarchaic
  • Malaria, so called in reference to the marshes where the mosquitoes that transmit it breed.

    • ‘Visitors commented on the 'foul and fatal airs and waters' and 'evil-smelling stagnant waters' which caused ill-health ('ague' and 'marsh fever') and an early grave.’
    • ‘In his youth he had travelled in a particular area of Hungary where Marsh Fever or Malaria had been rife.’
    • ‘There he again found the same bodies in the blood of people suffering from marsh fever, and his hope of having found the malarial parasite became a certainty.’
    • ‘I wonder if it could have been an outbreak of 'marsh fever' which, I believe, affected the areas around the Norfolk Fens?’
    • ‘He found that the resulting toxic effects were very similar to the symptoms suffered by patients with marsh fever.’