Meaning of marsh frog in English:

marsh frog


  • A large, gregarious European frog with warty skin and a loud laughing call.

    Rana ridibunda, family Ranidae

    ‘A fourth non-native species also breeds at the centre - the marsh frog (rana ridibunda).’
    • ‘On summer nights the lusty chorus of marsh frogs is loud enough to waft a quarter mile across the river.’
    • ‘The three introduced species of water frog may be difficult to positively identify without capture, the marsh frog has a proportionally longer heal to the hind leg, which when extended along the body reaches the tip of the snout.’
    • ‘The spotted marsh frog breeds between spring and early summer.’
    • ‘During the breeding season (and sometimes beyond) the male marsh frog calls very loudly with a sound reminiscent of a loud chuckle often very raucous and can be heard all day and night.’