Meaning of marsh harrier in English:

marsh harrier


  • A dark-backed Old World harrier that frequents marshes and reed beds.

    Genus Circus, family Accipitridae: several species

    • ‘We spotted teal, shoveller, shelduck, Bewick swans, redshank, snipe and a marsh harrier flying low across the reedbeds - a wonderful sight.’
    • ‘Any list of Norfolk ornithological successes must include the marsh harrier.’
    • ‘At the laundry pond a marsh harrier was harassing the ducks and coots, flying low over them and flushing them out of the reeds and into open water.’
    • ‘Water voles also find a refuge here, and you may see hares boxing in the spring or marsh harriers in the summer.’
    • ‘The aim of the project is to provide a haven for threatened wildlife such as the avocet and marsh harriers whose numbers have dwindled significantly in recent years.’