Meaning of marsh tit in English:

marsh tit


  • A Eurasian woodland tit (songbird) with mainly grey-brown plumage, a shiny black cap, and white cheeks.

    Parus palustris, family Paridae

    ‘One means of distinguishing the willow tit from the marsh tit is by call notes.’
    • ‘Three of these were species that normally hoard food, the willow tit, the marsh tit, P. palustris, and the nuthatch, Sitta europaea.’
    • ‘Here I present data on a third tit species, the marsh tit, which is the same size as the blue tit.’
    • ‘Naturalists are all conscious of the decline in species of birds, such as spotted flycatchers, marsh tits and skylarks, but there has been very little comment on the disappearance of flying insects.’
    • ‘Bar a few survivors, last season's production of pheasants are dead, but there was a lot of activity among the smaller birds, including I think marsh tits.’