Meaning of martensite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈmɑːtɪnzʌɪt/


mass nounMetallurgy
  • A hard and very brittle solid solution of carbon in iron that is the main constituent of hardened steel.

    ‘The martensite of quenched tool steel is exceedingly brittle and highly stressed.’
    • ‘Trip steels have a microstructure with retained austenite, ferrite and martensite.’
    • ‘The ability of steel to form martensite on quenching is referred to as the hardenability.’
    • ‘During this heat treatment all of the austenite transforms to martensite.’
    • ‘With hardening of steels, by chilling after previous heating, the structure is converted from austenite to martensite.’


Late 19th century named after Adolf Martens (1850–1914), German metallurgist, + -ite.