Meaning of martially in English:



See martial

‘‘It hardly needs to be said that my husband is martially skilled,’ Adriana went on, ‘and I myself am skilled as well.’’
  • ‘Leaving the Priests - their less martially inclined counterparts - to spread the inspiring words of the Goddess, the holy warriors preferred to let their actions speak for them, battling evil with their uniquely crafted weapons.’
  • ‘You are arguably the most martially capable hand-to-hand fighter in this fleet besides myself.’
  • ‘Kano's groundwork and striking techniques were drawn more heavily from the martially oriented Tenshin-Shinyo ryu.’
  • ‘Martially, the practitioner trains to remain calm, relaxed, balanced and centered while avoiding attacks, disrupting an opponent's balance, controlling with joint-locks and breaks, and executing powerful throws and attacks.’