Meaning of marveller in English:



See marvel

‘I desperately want and need to be a marveler of the world - I think marveling goes hand in hand with imagining and believing in impossible things - and yet… I'm deeply dissatisfied with amount and quality of marveling I actually do on an ordinary day.’
  • ‘Myself, I am a star marveler, but it seems to me that they are not as many or as bright as they were when I was a child.’
  • ‘I am an inventor, appliance repair man, collector, and above all marveler at the odd and out of the ordinary.’
  • ‘Gregorio is an enthusiast, a marveller, someone with the ability to find beauty everywhere.’
  • ‘I am a marveller of children. I love babies because they are so sweet, and I love little kids because they are so honest, they just blurt out how they feel and what they want.’