Meaning of Marwari in English:


Pronunciation /mɑːˈwɑːri/


  • 1A native or inhabitant of Rajasthan in India.

    ‘"To tell you the truth," he continued, "the unbeatable expert on business management is a Marwari."’
    • ‘The proprietor was a small, tubby Marwari, and a determined alcoholic.’
    • ‘He killed a Marwari in Calcutta.’
    • ‘Powerful politicians often refused to acknowledge him publiclylargely because he was a Marwari.’
  • 2mass noun The Indic language of Rajasthan.

    ‘Some Rajasthani dialects include Jaipuri, spoken in Jaipur, and Marwari, spoken in Marwar.’
    • ‘To tell you the truth, ‘he continued, ‘the unbeatable expert on business management is a Marwari.’’
    • ‘Jaipur speaks Marwari in addition to English and Hindi.’
    • ‘"Those speaking Marwari would have an advantage over others in education, competitive examinations and employment", she said.’
    • ‘I am sorry that I don't speak Marwari but thought I would say hello anyway.’


  • Relating to Marwari or the Marwaris.

    ‘An unnamed Marwari businessman, he said, ‘wants to create a society, a trust, to administer this temple and its funds.’’
    • ‘The issue has led to a split in the Marwari business community.’
    • ‘The traditional Marwari cuisine is dominated by strong spicy flavours.’
    • ‘All Rajasthanis are not vegetarians, though the Marwari community is.’
    • ‘The permanent residents of the ashram included a couple of rich Marwari widows.’


From Hindi Mārvār, from Sanskrit maru ‘desert’.