Meaning of mascarpone in English:



mass noun
  • A soft, mild Italian cream cheese.

    ‘Plain or flavored yogurt, quark, cottage cheese, beaten mascarpone or ricotta could be substituted for the fromage blanc.’
    • ‘Put the cream cheese, mascarpone, caster sugar, eggs and the extra yolk in the basin of a food mixer (you will need the beater attachment).’
    • ‘From now on, I will definitely demand mascarpone (Italian cream cheese) in my tiramisu.’
    • ‘No need to make a special cheese sauce, simply stir in easy-melt cheeses such as Gorgonzola and mascarpone and some crème fraîche.’
    • ‘With natural creaminess from mascarpone, cream cheese and crème fraîche, it is thick and luscious.’
    • ‘Remove from oven and stir in mascarpone and cheddar cheeses and cilantro.’
    • ‘So what we do to keep it more natural is to use mascarpone or crème fraîche as a thickening agent instead.’
    • ‘Season it with lime juice, add a bit of mascarpone and crème fraîche to give it body and you are away.’
    • ‘The spiced wine sauce was incredibly aromatic, highly nuanced thanks to the mixture of spices, and made a great match to the soft dates and creamy mascarpone.’
    • ‘Beat the ricotta and mascarpone together then stir in the grated pecorino and cheddar.’
    • ‘Although crème fraîche and mascarpone are both classified as soft, unripened cheeses, they are made by a process similar to yoghurt.’
    • ‘In a large bowl, combine the lobster purée, shallot, butter, and mascarpone.’
    • ‘Add the mascarpone and heavy cream to the skillet.’
    • ‘The caramelised apples and vanilla bean mascarpone with pecan and maple syrup pudding was a real sticky winter treat.’
    • ‘Beat butter and mascarpone in a bowl until mixed, add sugar, vanilla and cornstarch.’
    • ‘Serve it cold, tepid or warm with mascarpone, Greek yoghurt, ice cream, crème fraîche and/or real custard.’
    • ‘Beat together the lemon curd, mascarpone and fromage frais until smooth.’
    • ‘In a small bowl, combine onion juice with mascarpone and chives.’
    • ‘I simply served fig halves with plain mascarpone cheese with a few fresh grinds of black pepper, and it made indeed a sublime dessert.’
    • ‘We've replaced the buttery mascarpone with fresh, tangy cheese made from nonfat yogurt.’



/ˌmaskəˈpəʊni/ /ˌmɑːskəˈpəʊni/


From Italian.